Camaro Door Power Window Regulator, Left, 1993-2002

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  • High Quality Replacement
  • Includes Motor

You're driving along one day, minding your own business while basking in the comfort and power of your Camaro and you try to roll down the window only to hear a horrendous clunking, grinding, and snapping sound

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Fortunately, replacing the window regulator requires a simple tool set and basic automotive knowledge

If you are not mechanically inclined, it helps to have the right part ready for your mechanic

Occasionally, the added resistance breaks the critical plastic pieces that keep everything moving smoothly

Rick rsquo s Camaros knows how important it is to keep your Camaro in tip top shape

Suddenly, your window ceases to raise and lower and is not responding other than the terrible sounds emanating from the door panel

The window regulator is just another name for the scissor channel amp gear system that guides the windows path up and down

We have sourced our window regulators form all corners of the world to bring you only the very best in automotive perfection

With time, this system weakens from coagulated grease and dirt build up in the teeth and channels of this system causing it to fail

You may have just become a victim of the all too common window regulator failure